Name of Sector Fabrication Name of Module Tig Welder
Minimum Age 18 Years Duration of Course 3 Months
ADU Code FAB 702

Degree in Mechanical Engineering with one year Experience


Diploma in Mechanical Engineering with two year Experience


NTC/ NAC in Welder Trade Group with three years of Experience

TIG welding in all position.

Welding on M.S, S.S., Aluminium metals

Repair components/parts used in household & industrial items by TIG welding

Practical Competencies Underpinning Knowledge (Theory)
  • Use of protective safety devices on shop floor.
  • Safe working practice to be observed during welding.
  • Introduction to safety equipment and their uses.
  • Identification of tools and accessories used for TIG welding.
  • Setting up of AC/DC TIG Welding Plant and make beading practice on plate on MS sheet by TIG Welding
  • Produce Square butt and corner joint on MS sheet by TIG Welding in down hand position
  • Produce “T” joint on MS in Horizontal position by TIG Welding
  • Beading practice on SS by TIG Welding
  • Produce Square butt, Tee and Corner joints on SS by TIG Welding in down hand position
  • Welding of SS with back purging Technique.
  • Beading practice on Aluminium welding sheet by TIG welding in down hand position.
  • Produce Square Butt, “T” and Corner joints on Aluminium sheet by TIG Welding in down hand position
  • Produce Single “V” butt joint on Aluminium sheet 6mm thickness by TIG Welding in down hand position.
  • Identification of weld defects on TIG welded component by Visual inspection & correction of defects.
  • Measurement of weld using gauges
  • Introduction of MES scheme
  • Job /employment opportunity
  • Introduction to welding.
  • Safety precautions and necessity of using protective equipments such as shields, goggles, hand glows, sleeves, aprons safety shoes etc.
  • Types of welding processes and application.
  • Metals and weldability.
  • Marking practice using Steel rule using metric and inches scale
  • Nomenclature of Fillet and groove welds
  • Welding terms and definitions
  • Weld symbol and reading of fabrication drawing
  • Distortion and methods of control
  • Introduction to TIG welding & its application
  • Advantages of TIG welding process
  • Power source - Types, polarity and application
  • Accessories - HF unit and DC suppressor.
  • Tungsten electrode, Types, sizes, and uses.
  • Type of shielding gases
  • Edge preparation and fit up for TIG Welding MS,SS and Aluminium.
  • Necessity of purging and Purging Methods
  • Tables / Data relating to TIG welding.
  • Trouble shooting
  • TIG welding defects, causes and remedy
  • Inspection and testing of weldments