Name of Sector Production & Manufacturing Name of Module Die Inspection & Handling
Minimum Age 18 Years Duration of Course 6 Months
ADU Code MAN707

Degree in Mechanical Engineering with one year Experience


Diploma in Mechanical Engineering with two year Experience


NTC/NAC in Tool & Die Maker (Dies & Moulds)Trade Group with three years of Experience

TERMINAL COMPETENCY: The successful candidate would be able to:

Understand the manufacturing process of Die

Inspect the manufactured Die

Upkeep & routine maintenance of Die.

Handling process of Die.

Practical Competencies Underpinning Knowledge (Theory)

OSH & Safety Practices:

  • Fire Fighting in workplace & Precautions
  • General Safety of Tools & Equipments
  • Awareness on OSH related to the job& Maintenance
  • Practice of 5S

  • Fire Extinguishers & its Types
  • Safely handling Tools & Equipments
  • Use of proper Tools & Equipments & its maintenance
  • OSH & practices to be observed as a precaution
  • Awareness, concept & importance of 5S

Personnel & Material Safety:

  • Select, use, clean and store personal safety protective equipment.
  • Use and store of materials in a safe manner.
  • Demonstrate the use of safety devices on Die Manufacturing.

  • State the safety precaution specific to turning on the lathe
  • Safety related to handling of materials, machines, press, devices.
  • Safety devices used for safe Die Manufacturing.
  • Familiarization with Die and punch and their application.
  • Identification of different elements of die and punch assembly.
  • Die inspection using measuring instruments.
  • Die Quenching, Grinding and Finishing
  • Die Mould Shop layout orientation
  • Different types material handling equipments (EOT & Forklift) (He should have valid Driving/Operating license)
  • Practical on Die manufacturing processes
  • Practical on Die/Mould Defects, Causes & Remedies
  • Practical on Basic Hand skills like Filing, hack sawing, drilling, drill sharpening, Countersinking/Counterboring/blind hole drilling, reaming, Int/Ext thread machining, use of Diamond needle files, etc
  • Introduction to Die and punch and their application and importance in manufacturing.
  • Die material and manufacturing of dies and tooling , Heat treatment processes &Different grade materials used for dies and tooling’s
  • Die manufacturing process; CNC, HSM machines, EDM machines, cutting tools, graphite electrode grades.
  • Die/Mould defects; cracks, mis- match, hold- up, under fill, etc.
  • Theory on Basic Hand skills