Name of Sector Medical & Nursing Name of Module Dietician Assistant
Entry Qualifications Minimum 8th Standard Duration 270 Hrs
Contents Modification & maintenance of Hygienic standards in kitchen of hospital.

Successful candidates would be able to modify therapeutic or, liquid diets, maintain the hygienic standard in kitchen & maintain the food storage etc to assist Dietician. On completion of this module, the participant can be employed as Dietician Assistant in Public/Private hospital & clinics.

Practical Competencies Underpinning Knowledge (Theory)

1. Practice of safety & health hazards measures.

2. Practices of code of conduct.

3. Methods of modifying therapeutic & liquid diet.

4. Identifications & up keeping of stores, utensils, trolleys & instruments..

5. Maintaining the hygiene standard in kitchen.

6. Maintenance of food storage according to diet requirement.

1. Principles of safety & health hazards measures.

2. Development of Basic skills.

3. Modification principles of therapeutic & liquid diet.

4. Identification, application methods of using & hazards of utensils, trolleys & various instruments.

5. Principles of maintaining hygiene standards in kitchen.

6. Principles & methods of food storage.

7. Brief idea of most common food borne diseases.