Name of Sector Medical & Nursing Name of Module Pharmacy Assistant
Entry Qualifications Minimum 10th Standard Duration 180 Hrs
Contents Identifying & arranging medicines and various equipments in pharmacy shop

Successful candidates would be able to read the prescription, identify & arrange medicine in medicine shop, identify & use first aid equipments, give injections, book orders, operate sphygmomanometer etc. On completion of this module, the participants can be employed as Pharmacy Assistant in Public/Private hospital’s Pharmacy shop.

Practical Competencies Underpinning Knowledge (Theory)

1. Practice of safety & health hazard measures of drugs.

2. Practice of reading prescriptions.

3. Practice of reading the ingredients written on medicine..

4. Identifying the following :

- company wise draws/box of medicine.

- Batch number & expiry date of medicine

- OTC medicine & its use

- schedule H medicine from Prescription.

- restricted medicine from prescription & its storage.

- first aid equipments, its storage.

5. Application methods of different antiseptic creams & lotions.

6. Methods of bandaging.

7. Methods of injection pricking :

- Intravenous.

- Intramuscular.

- Subdrmal

- Intradermal.

8. Keeping medicine in different racks of shop as per systems alphabetic order :

- antibiotics.

- OTC medicines.

- General medicine.

- Gynecological medicine.

9. Arranging medicine as per expiry date.

10. Stock taking of sold medicine to order new medicine from the vendor.

11. Booking order both manually & computerized from customer & vendor.

12. Distribution of booked order.

13. Preparing manual/computerized purchase order from vendors.

14. Preparing list of Wholesale cost price, retail price & selling price.

15. Keeping inventories.

16. Use of computer for store keeping with relevant software.

17. Operations of normal & digital sphygmomanometer.

18. Operations & use of stethoscope.

1. Principles of safety & health hazard measures of drugs.

2. Study of rules for :

- reading prescriptions.

- reading ingredients written on medicine.

- arranging companywise draws/box of medicine.

- identifying batch number & expiry date of medicine.

- first aid equipments & storage.

3. Definition of OTC, schedule H medicine, Restricted medicine & ethical medicine.

4. Rule of issuing medicine & necessary check points.

5. Definition of antiseptic & cosmetic creams/lotions.

6. Principles of sterilization of first aid equipments.

7. General principles of injection, sterilization & cleanliness of syringe & other tools used during injection.

8. Types of injection pricking & precautions taken care during injection pricking.

9. Bandaging & its various types.

10. Procedures of the following :

- Keeping medicine in systematic way

- maintaining stock ledger for availability of medicine.

- maintaining data as per the expiry date of medicine.

- maintaining sale register after everyday distribution of medicine.

- placing purchase order as per requirement.

- calculating purchase price & setting the sale price.

11. Basic computer applications (Microsoft office).

12. Blood pressure :

- definition.

- Normal values.

- precautions while measuring & handling of sphygmomanometer.

13. Various parts & use of Stethoscope.