Name of Sector Medical & Nursing Name of Module Health Care Multipurpose Worker
Entry Qualifications 10th Standard Duration 450Hrs (75 Days)
Age 18 years and above

Successful candidates would be able to 1) Read the prescription, 2) Identify medicines in store, 3) Identify & use first aid equipments, 4) Administer injections, book orders, operate sphygmomanometer etc. 5) I/M injection, Setting up I/V line, Oxygen inhalation, and use of Nebulizer. They can be employed as Pharmacy Assistant, ward assistant, dresser in a dispensary and in a Hospital.

Practical Competencies Underpinning Knowledge (Theory)

1. Practice of safety & health hazard measures of drugs.

2. Practice of reading prescriptions.

3. Practice of reading the ingredients written on medicine.

4. Identifying the following:

- company wise draws/box of medicine.

- Batch number & expiry date of medicine

- OTC medicine and its use

- Schedule H medicine from Prescription.

- Restricted medicine from presentation & its storage.

- First aid equipments, its storage.

5. Application methods of different antiseptic creams & lotions.

6. Methods of Bandaging

7. Methods of injection pricking:

- Intramuscular

8. Keeping medicines in different racks of shops as per systems/ alphabetic orders:

- antibiotics.

- OTC medicines

- General medicine.

- Gynecological medicine.

9. Arranging medicines as per expiry date

10. Stock taking and sold medicine to order new medicine from the vendor.

11. Booking order both manually & computerized from customer & vendor.

12. Distribution of booked order

13. Preparing manual/computerized purchase order from vendors.

14. Preparing list of Wholesale cost price, retail price & selling price.

15. Keeping inventories

16. Use of computer for store keeping with relevant software.

17. Operations and use of stethoscope.

18. Knowledge of Ayush.

1. Principles of safety &health hazard measures of drugs.

2. study of rules for:

-reading prescriptions.

-reading ingredients written on medicine.

-arranging company wise draws/box of medicine.

-identifying batch number & expiry date of medicine

-first aid equipments & storage.

3. Definition of OTC, schedule H medicine, Restricted medicine & ethical medicine.

4. Rule of issuing medicine & necessary check points.

5. Definition of antiseptic & cosmetic creams/ Lotions.

6. Principles of sterilization of first aid equipments.

7. General principles of injection, sterilization & cleanliness of syringe & other tools used during injection.

8. Types of injection pricking & precautions taken care during injection pricking.

9. Bandaging & its various types, Dressing and Splinting ( Handling of injured patient, Knowledge of first aid)

10.Procedures of the following:

- Keeping medicine in systematic way

- maintaining stock ledger for availability of medicine.

- maintaining data as per the expiry date of medicine.

- maintaining sale register after everyday distribution of medicine.

- placing purchase order as per requirement.

- calculating purchase price & setting the sale price

11. Basic computer applications (Microsoft office)

12. Blood pressure:

- Definition

- Normal value

- Precautions while measuring and handling of sphygmomanometer.

13. Various parts & use of Stethoscope.