Name of Sector Medical & Nursing Name of Module Infection Control Assistant
Entry Qualifications 10th Standard Duration 180 Hrs
Age 14 years or above

After completion of course participant will be able to:

1.Monitor the Infection Control Practices

2.Help the Infectioncontrol nurse/consultant

Practical Competencies Underpinning Knowledge (Theory)

- Biomedical Waste management

- Hand wash technique

- Universal Precaution

- Needle Stick Injury

- Nosocomial Infection / Hospital Acquired Infection

- Universal precaution

- Personal Protective Equipment

- Hand Wash / Hand Rub

- Techniques

- Bio-medical waste

- Handling Infectious Waste

- Disinfection/Disinfectant

- Needle stick injury

- HIV / Hepatitis B Awareness

- Infection Control Parameters like

- QA Score Card