Name of Sector Medical & Nursing Name of Module Therapeutic Massage Technician
Entry Qualifications Minimum 10th Standard & MED102 Duration 300 Hrs
Contents Applications of various therapeutic massage used in Physiotherapy

Successful candidates would be able to deliver stroking, pressure manipulation, percussion and vibration massage technique used in physiotherapy to assist Physical Therapists. On Successful Completion of this module, the participants can be employed as therapeutic massage technician in public/private hospital & clinic.

Practical Competencies Underpinning Knowledge (Theory)

1. Preparation of patients for massage treatment.

2. Types of massage application:

(i) Stroking

(ii) Pressure manipulation:

- Kneading

- Petrissage

- Friction

(iii) Precussion/Tapotement

- Clapping

- Hacking

- Tapping

- Beating & pounding

- Vibratory manipulation

1. Definition & classification of massage

2. Physiological effects on:

- Circulatory system

- Blood

- Exchange of metabolites

- Metabolism

- Nervous system

- Soft tissue

- Respiratory system

- Skin

- Adipose tissue

3. Psychological effects

4. Indication and Contraindications of various massage techniques