Name of Sector Medical & Nursing Name of Module Basic Testing Equipments
Entry Qualifications Minimum 10th Standard & Level 1(PHA101) Duration 180 Hrs
Contents Identifying and testing of various testing equipments in pharmacy shop.

Successful candidates would be able to identify and use of Digital Testing Equipments like Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, ECG, Nebuliser, Peak Flow Meter etc. . On completion of this module, the participants can be employed as Pharmacy Assistant in Public/Private hospital’s Pharmacy shop.

Practical Competencies Underpinning Knowledge (Theory)

Practical on Blood Pressure Testing Machine

1. Sample of various Blood PressureMachine.

2. Difference between manual and electronics Blood pressure equipments.

3. Practical on detecting pulse of human body.

4. Practical on hearing pulse through stethoscope on :

  • a. Chest
  • b. Intervenes

5. Procedure of installing manual B/P machine on human body.

6. Practical to attain accuracy to pumping & hearing the pulse to detect High / Low blood pressure.

7. Practical on detecting Blood Pressure on Electronics Equipments.

8. Readancy of measurements to find out accurate result in electronic equipments

Blood Pressure Machine

1. Knowledge of Blood Pressure.

2. Requirement of measuring Blood Pressure.

3. Difference between High and Low Pressure. Charts of Normal Blood Pressure as per age.

5. Relation between Blood Pressure and Pulse.

6. Precautions while measuring and handling of Blood Pressure Machine Equipments.

7. Precautions while handling Blood Pressure Patients

Practical on Blood Sugar Testing Machine

1. Types of detecting Blood Sugar.

2. Practical on taking Blood Sample.

3. Measurements : Types of measuring Instruments

4. Demo of measuring of Blood Sugar withdigital machine.

Use of Blood Sugar Testing Machine

1. Introduction

2. Units of Sugar in Normal Body.

3. Requirement & disadvantages of Sugar in Blood

3. Factor responsible for increase Blood Sugar in human body.

4. Principles of measuring Blood Sugar.

5. Sterilization & cleanliness while taking Blood.

6. Precautions while measuring and handling of Blood

7. Charts of Normal Blood Sugar Label in Different ages in human Body.

Practical of ECG Machine

1. Fixing Electrode with the help of gel in Human Body.

2. Practice of using ECG machine in Screen and without screen format.

3. Take and retake of ECG result.

4. Procedure of taking ECG measurements.

5. Precautions while using ECG Machine

Use of ECG Machine

1. What is ECG ?

2. Requirement of ECG.

3. Study of different graph under normal cardio condition.

4. Study of different graph under abnormal cardio condition.

5. Study of Human hearts and its valves. Knowledge of Attires & Veins.

6. Knowledge of Different types of ECG Machine.

7. Difference between Analog / Digital and Hybrid Computers.

8. Knowledge of various attachments, spots while using ECG machine.