Maritime Studies


  1. Cargo Handling and stowage (CARGO – SM)
  2. Ship Construction, Stability, Ship Safety and Environment protection (SCSEP – SM)
  3. Terrestrial and Costal Navigation (TCN – SM)
  4. Celestial Navigation (CEL – SM)
  5. Meteorology (MET – SM)
  6. Bridge Equipment and Watch keeping (BWK – SM)
  1. Naval Architecture I (NA1 – CM I)
  2. Cargo Handling and Stowage (CARGO – CM I)
  3. Meteorology (MET – CM I)
  4. Ship safety, Emergencies, Maintenance and Managerial skills (SSEM – CM I)
  5. Terrestrial and Celestial Navigation (TCN – CM I)
  1. Naval Architecture II (NA2 – CM II)
  2. Bridge Watch keeping, Ship Handling, Emergencies & Search and Rescue (BWK – CM II)
  3. Engineering Knowledge, Instruments & Control Systems (EK – CM II)
  4. Maritime Legislation (ML – CM II)
  5. Navigational Aids including Compasses (NAVAID – CM II)
  1. Advanced Shipboard Management (ASM – MASTER FG)


  1. Marine Electrotechnology (MET – CL4 MEO)
  2. Marine Engineering Knowledge – General (EKG – CL4 MEO)
  3. Marine Engineering Knowledge – Motor (EKM – CL4 MEO)
  4. Marine Engineering Practice (MEP – CL4 MEO)
  5. Ship Construction and Stability (SCON – CL4 MEO)
  6. Ship safety and Environmental Protection (SSEP – CL4 MEO)
  1. Marine Engineering Knowledge – Motor (EKM2 – CL2 MEO)
  2. Marine Electrotechnology (MET2 – CL2 MEO)
  3. Marine Engineering Knowledge – General (EKG2 – CL2 MEO)
  4. Marine Engineering Practice (MEP2 – CL2 MEO)
  5. Naval Architecture and Ship Construction (NASC – CL2 MEO)
  6. Ship Safety, Environment Protection and Personal care (SSEP2 – CL2 MEO)
  1. Engineering Management (EMG – CL1 MEO)


Maine Maritime Academy was established in 1941 for nautical training and has now developed into a college of engineering, business, science and transportation. MMA partnered with ADU to create Maritime Logistics course. MMA is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Inc.

Singapore Maritime Academy, an international leader in maritime education and training has developed the first ever Certificate of Competency (CoC) e-learning programs in association with American Digital University.

Malaysian Maritime Academy is a premier maritime training institute and American Digital University, a leading provider of enterprise solutions for the maritime industry, has developed LNG Cargo Operations Program.

These e-learning programs are being offered by South Tyneside College in collaboration with American Digital University. South Tyneside College has a worldwide reputation for the quality of its maritime training. The UK Government has awarded the coveted 'National Centre of Vocational Excellence' status to its Marine Engineering and Nautical Science programs.

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