Container Trade

Programme Topics:

Mega container ships in the wider supply chain

Ever bigger container ships inspire awe and fascination, and are one of the hottest topics in maritime transport. They are also a headache for ports and terminals – mainly because of their vast size. Now at up to 400 metres long, these ships are longer than Eiffel Tower (301 metres).

Consolidation – Mergers and Acquisitions, weak charter markets

In 2015, the global shipping industry’s major players joined forces in response to the adversities their sector suffered, which were mainly caused by overcapacity or excess tonnage. They turned to forging strategic alliances, such as mergers and consolidations, to survive. These business strategies aimed to strengthen the precarious standing of companies by outgrowing their competitors and shoring up financial capacities through streamlined and efficient costing. This had an undeniable impact on global shipping stakeholders.