Maritime Courses

ADU’s mission is to be the world’s leader in e-learning for mariners. From pre-sea courses for marine engineering and nautical science to training of seafaring officers appearing for competency courses and building up a global cadre of future leaders for the maritime industry.

The Centre of Excellence in Maritime Education focuses on developing and offering quality maritime education and training to foster the future leaders of the industry. We will pioneer the transformation of maritime education and training to keep pace with any time, anywhere learning through curriculum-based online resources coupled with blended virtual interactions with industry experts.

The programs designed and offered by ADU consistently address the emerging and future technologies and their impact on shipbuilding, energy efficiency, automation and green marine environment. The courses are delivered online and blended with interactive Q&A sessions with leading marine experts discussing case studies and scenario analyses addressing the scope of the impending changes in maritime trade, safety and environment administration, information security and port management.

The Programme Development Centre has more than 100 employees to support the faculty in course preparation through animated graphics and interactive media development, delivery of the online courses, technical support and student administration.

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