Ship Superintendent – Technical

Programme Topics:

Hull, Machinery and Maintenance

The course Hull, Machinery and Maintenance combines 3 areas of study and forms the major focus area in a technical ship superintendents responsibility. The Marine Superintendent, who may not be a marine engineer by profession, will also benefit from this area of study since the upkeep of a ship depends on the maintenance of its hull and machinery/equipment. The discussion area is vast and the course only highlights the points that are important for a ship manager to concentrate. Many modern methods of hull and machinery maintenance have not been included to keep this within a manageable volume. Yet, the importance of high technology application and monitoring need to be understood and managed by the ship manager that goes a little beyond the scope of this portion of the study.

Technical Equipment and Control Systems

The course Technical Equipment and Control Systems contains the topics of Control Systems, Technical Equipment and Materials. All these areas are of significant importance to a technical ship superintendent. Understanding the testing that needs be done for upkeep of equipment to materials used on board will help the ship manager in dealing with repairs. The areas of control and automation is of vital importance since many of these applications tend to be beyond the grasp of the shipboard crew and while the application of electronics and information technology with computer controlled devices have brought better efficiency and reliability of the shipboard equipment, failure does happen. Taking over such situations from ashore and supervising such maintenance with the repair yards.