About Us


ADU Academy is a collaborative venture between two pioneers in online education – VEDA in India and American Digital University (ADU) Services in the USA.


VEDA is a vision created by a group of educationists and thought leaders to increase the reach of education in India. Over the last decade, it has enabled thousands of students to access its online study material and prepare them, through a unique Learning Management System, for college education and vocational practical training in the fields of science, engineering, and technology.

American Digital University (ADU)

American Digital University (ADU) Services entered the online learning community in 2003 and over the last decade has established its presence in major business centers in the world as a global educational and training enterprise. It strives to provide high-quality, relevant and accessible online learning experiences by utilizing the most advanced technological tools to date in partnership with industry leaders and learning institutions. ADU is recognized as one of the pioneers in providing maritime training and education and has been successfully conducting e-learning/blended learning programs for mariners in Southeast Asia, UK, and the USA.

VEDA Technology Center

VEDA Technology Center, located in Chennai, is the hub for Course Development and has a large number of experts from Academia, Industry, and Regulatory bodies to match the training and skill development needs with relevant knowledge modules and assessment system. It has more than 100 employees working in the development center for IT Support, Graphics & Media Applications, Student Administration, Academic & Technical support, Online Classes & Assessments.