Ship Superintendent (Marine)

Did You Know?

How familiar are you with charter party types and clauses?

  • Reviewing a chartter party and its clauses/their effect on your vessel
  • Charter party cost allocation the calculation of demurrage
  • Speed and fuel consumption requirements
  • On and off hire terms/surveys and redelivery requirements

Ship Superintendent is one of the most prominent choices of all the other marine jobs present in the market today. A Ship Superintendent’s role and scope, is wide ranging and requires complete alertness and vigilance because of the great responsibilities bestowed upon him. Specialized superintendent training is necessary to become good and successful ship superintendents.

This program is a comprehensive training portfolio consisting of two courses for a Marine Manager. The courses provide the necessary management skills to supervise and support ship operations, and upkeep and maintenance from ashore. All the courses meet DNVs Competence of Ship Superintendents, 3.301, element 3 standards.

Course Topics:

Chartering and Cargo Carriage:
Chartering Your Ship, Pre Charter, On Charter, Post Charter, Resources, Planning the Carriage, Loading and Unloading Procedures, Monitoring Cargo Maintenance, Cargo Damage and Claims, Resources, Extra Reference Material

Control of Operations and Nautical Equipment:
Monitoring and Control, Resources, Regulations, Maintenance, Fitting and Commissioning, Resources, Extra Reference Material