Ship Superintendent (General)

Did You Know?

Why is efficiently managing the drydock process important?
Drydocking is a complex activity which requires a skilled ship superintendent to handle a myriad of issues that could arise during a vessel's time on drydock. Mishandling any part of this process can result in lost time and money.


This program is a comprehensive training portfolio consisting of nine courses for a Ship Superintendent. The courses provide the necessary management skills to supervise and support ship operations, and upkeep and maintenance from ashore. All courses meet DNV’s Competence of Ship Superintendents, 3.301, element 3 standards.

Course Topics:

Corporate and Social Responsibility:
Industry Organizations, Role of Superintendent, Personnel Management

Financial Management for Ships:
Budget and Cost Control, Purchasing, Purchase, Sale, Takeover and Delivery

Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE):
Safety and Risk Management, Emergency Response, Health and Environment, Ship Recycling

International Conventions, Flag States and Port States
International Conventions, Flag State and Registration of Ships, Port State Control

Marine Insurance and Law:
Maritime Law, Marine Insurance

Project Management and Quality Assurance:
Project Management, Quality Assurance

Reporting, Recordkeeping and Information Technology:
Reporting and Record Keeping, Information Technology

Ship inspection, Certification and Surveys:
Ship Inspections, Certification and Survey of Ships, Classification Society

Ship Performance, Drydocking and Repairs:
Monitoring of Ships Performance, Drydocking and repairs, Corrosion Protection and Painting Systems